Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trying Out Recipes

Before adding the panko bread
crumbs & coconut.

The crab cakes were soooo good! They have scallions, red pepper, mayo & obviously crab meat. There are some panko bread crumbs & shredded coconut inside the cakes then they are dredged in the mixture also. When serving the two suggestions were with lime wedges & sweet red chili sauce. I didn't use either, but Jeff loved the chili sauce on them. I read that panko bread crumbs don't soak up the grease in the pan like regular bread crumbs do so that will save some calories. Also, they are lower in sodium. We had some of the panko/coconut mixture left even with following the recipe, but I think it could be used to coat chicken, shrimp or any white fish too.

The salad would've been much better with a different dressing. We used a pear balsamic which wasn't a good choice. But hey, nothing wrong with experimenting. The cucumbers & feta cheese were a good combination though. I'd make it again using some other dressing. With a different dressing it would look more appetizing as well.

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