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Monday, March 21, 2016

Challenge Yourself

My best friend is running a series of work out challenges to get your body summer ready. The first one was all about the lower body and consisted of squats, squats and more squats. I did a total of 2,405 squats in 29 days. That challenge made me a lover of squats. I truly didn't think this was possible, but it happened! I now do them every day, multiple times a day and with ease. I not only feel a difference but I actually see a difference. My legs and butt have definitely transformed into something I am proud of and all it took was a month. Can't beat results like that! I will still work my glutes and quads but I am happy with what I accomplished in the challenge. 

Today started the second challenge which is all about abs. I'm excited! We have such a great group of motivational supportive women. I am glad this one has begun! There are rest days and the first one is on Saturday. I will rest my abs like I need to but I still wanted to challenge myself in some way. I have decided to do a water challenge.

1 gallon of water drank in one day!

Goodbye toxins!

Who wants in?

If you are interested in joining my friends challenge groups, they are all happening on Instagram. 
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