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Sunday, May 21, 2017

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

Sometimes you get to a point where you've gained too much weight or got too out of shape that you think you could never turn it all around. I've been there. A million times. It's OK. You CAN still lose the weight and get back in shape. 

I was at that point. Even my mental health was getting to a very unhealthy point. But then on Monday I started a new challenge group and workout program. After even the first workout I felt better and knew I was on the right path again. The endorphins kicked in, depression left my head and I felt better about myself. 

To think something so little as a 30 minute workout can completely change how you feel and alter the chemicals in your brain to feel happiness again is truly amazing. 

Yes, the workout is hard. Yes, you will struggle. Yes, you will curse out the trainer on the tv. Yes, you will drip sweat all over including on your toddler under your feet. And YES, you will be sore the next day and days to follow. 

But also, YES it will all be worth it and YES you WILL feel good in the end. I realized no matter how hard or how much weight I put on, getting back on track is one step and day at a time. You have to start somewhere. 

Also, YES you will mess up, have a bad cheat meal or day. It's reality and human nature. But don't let that mess up your week or your mind set. Have it end then and there and move on to healthier decisions. 

Think ahead, to the next workout or next healthy meal and how you will feel after. I actually love feeling sore. It shows I did something. I did something that is good for my body and what I did is working. 

Chug that water, press play and change you! You won't be sorry. 

One day at a time, one healthy choice at a time. That's enough.

I received this email over the weekend from Beachbody about my weekly workouts I did. I REALLY needed this!

Positive vibes,

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