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Thursday, June 14, 2012

30 Day Ab Challenge

So whose ready to challenge themselves?  To make a goal and stick with it? I know I am! I am not one to work out all the time or be a gym junkie. It's harder for me to get motivated and stick with a work out regimen then it is to eat healthy. But this is something I think I can do, NO, that I WILL do.

My friend and I are going to partake in a 30 day work out challenge. It concentrates on your abs. Every day for 30 straight days we will be doing 300 ab reps. You could simply do 300 regular crunches/sit ups every day if that's what you like or you can add many different variations to the 300 reps.  You can do them all in the morning, all after work or at night. You could spread them out a little, do 150 in the morning and 150 at night. Do whatever works for you and whenever works for you. I like crunches, but I definitely think throughout the month I will try a bunch of different ab exercises. Crunches/sit ups don't work out your whole stomach so its best to do different variations so that your sides and lower stomach benefit as well as your core.

You won't have a six pack or look like some famous athlete after 30 days, but you will see results. For me it's more about setting a goal for myself and following through. I rarely challenge myself in this way and it's about time I do.

Try to go through this 30 day journey with a friend or co-worker to help you if needed.  I know my friend will help me succeed within the next month. Tomorrow our challenge begins, JOIN US!

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