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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Interview with Foodie Nick

For all the Bethenny Frankel fans out there who watch her show "Bethenny Ever After" on Bravo, I have a special treat for you! I am sure you know who Nicholas Feitel is, aka Foodie Nick, who has appeared on her TV show multiple times. He's definitely one to stand out, from his awkwardness to his intellect of food, it's easy to fall in love with his cameos on the show. He has worked for Bethenny by writing for her blog and participating in a food crawl with her. In his every day life he also does a lot of improv at places in NYC. After reaching out to Nick on his blog & through Twitter, this amazing writer/foodie agreed to do a question interview for me. I am so honored that he took his time to make me a very happy fan! Below are the questions I asked and his responses. 

ME: Hey Nick! It's great being able to talk to you. I'm a huge fan! I really want to check out some food trucks in the city. What is your favorite food truck to get something healthy to eat? What do you order there?

NICK: I really love The Bistro Truck, though I guess I am not a subscriber of so-called "healthy foods". Bistro Truck features cous-cous with different Moroccan-style meats on top, with a side mesclun salad. The clarity of flavor is really awesome here, the meals are incredibly filling for the price and nothing is fried. Even cous-cous as a grain is comparatively lighter than other such carb-heavy options you might find.

ME: What is your favorite food truck when calories just don't matter? What do you order?

NICK: Big Gay Ice Cream for dessert (try their store!) where I routinely get the Bea Arthur and I guess if I could eat anything lunch-wise, maybe the full super-shawafel platter from Freddy's King of Falafel/Shawarma. Just greasy and huge and filling and Freddy always packs in some extra.

ME: I know you did The South Beach Diet, you look amazing! How do you keep the weight off? I know with being a foodie and having such a passion for all kinds of foods, it must be hard.

NICK: Thank you. The diet itself was pretty easy and works well for men particularly (especially those who don't drink coke or beer often to begin with). It's easy losing the weight because there are regimented rules and noticeable results from those rules. It's the maintenance part that's tricky. There are no rules in phase 3 of SB, just your best judgement and as we all know that can change from day to day. Eventually you get more confidence in yourself, you know when to let loose and eat that extra meal or that 8-topping fro-yo and know to adjust the next day. Eventually I'll get more confidence in myself but for now I weigh myself every other day and use the shame/pressure of that to motivate my eating habits.

ME: Lastly, I know you venture out to so many different places in the city to eat, but do you have a love for cooking as well? If so, what's your favorite meal to make?

NICK: Nope. Don't even have a working stove in my very small apartment. Back when I did cook though, I made a mighty good turkey bolognese that I learned from my spectacular cook of a mother and a mustard vinaigrette salad that I learned from my pops. Maybe if someone ties me down or I grow up a bit I'll start cooking again.

ME: Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate you doing a question interview with me. Good luck with all that your future has to offer! :)

I am very excited for Nick's food truck recommendations. A visit to the city will be planned in the future to check out all the places he mentioned. I will be sure to post all about it. Thanks for reading!

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