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Friday, January 2, 2015

Bring On 2015, Off Goes the Baby Weight!

I am starting this year off on a great start! Prior to the new year and the typical new year's resolution diet that everyone starts, I lost 5 pounds during the holidays. That is something to be proud of! I have so much motivation to lose this baby weight and have a healthier lifestyle like I used to have in the past. I have some great support and if anyone needs help let me know. I am more than willing to be your motivator and/or help you with recipe ideas. Bring on 2015!

Here are a couple quick and easy dinners I prepared this past week, more recipes to come.

This recipe calls for:  whole wheat pasta (portioned out to be 350 calories), 1 can of fire roasted garlic tomatoes, garlic powder, steamed broccoli & parmesean cheese (optional)
-- Cook pasta per directions on the box, steam broccoli, mix the tomatoes, broccoli & garlic powder in a sauce pan & simmer for a little. Add the pasta to the sauce once cooked. Top with parmesean cheese if desired.
Side note: Fire roasted tomatoes are to die for! Officially obsessed with them!
This recipe calls for:  1 pound ground turkey, 1 bag of mixed frozen corn, black beans & peppers, 1 cup of salsa, pepper & minced garlic
-- Cooked the turkey in a non-stick pan, add to the crockpot with all the other ingredients. Cook for about 4 hours on low.
Elizabeth Gilbert, a well known writer best known for Eat, Pray, Love posted on Facebook an amazing tradition that I am going to start this year! Check out the link and make your own jar!

I am going to call my jar, "Jar of Happiness". This will be things that make me smile and laugh.  Little surprises. Special moments. Adventures. Memories I want to remember for a lifetime. Motivational and inspirational findings. Anything that just brings happiness to my days in 2015.

A goal, not a resolution for me this year is to become more crafty and have more of a natural lifestyle!

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