Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Product of the Week

Hey everyone!  My beachbody friends on Facebook always talk about different extracts to add to their Shakeology like coconut, mint, almond, carmel.  Some of these are hard to find, but the Watkins line of extracts can be found at most Walmarts.  It is also sold on Amazon but it's about double the cost then Walmart which is about $3.00.  This is found in the baking aisle. Check it out when you are out and about next time.
I first added some to my coffee and loved it, now I also add it to my latte Shakeology. It would be a great addition to some homemade cookies instead of using vanilla too. I also heard the mint extract is great in chocolate shakes. I want to get the coconut one in the summer for that tropical feel to my drink.
Try it and enjoy!

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