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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Feel Good Food

This is always something “people” say. People say a lot of things and you can’t always believe it all, but this you can. There have been times I totally blew that little saying “feel good food” off and thought it’s all BS. Then I would continue to eat whatever crappy food I was eating and the end result was not great.  Ding! Ding! Ding! There’s a reason why. Feel good food is a real thing. There’s so much truth in it. Eating that type of food DOES make you feel good, more energized, awake, less bloated and happier. I’ve experienced it a million times over. I eat bad food and feel depressed, fat and blah. I eat good food and feel good about myself and more alive.  I do more and accomplish more when I have whole grains, healthy fats and food in my body. When I eat bad I become lazy and sad.

Granted, I can treat myself to something “bad” and still feel good too, but it’s more so when the “bad” food consumes you and your entire day that you feel different.  One meal, one snack or something won’t make you feel crappy, it’s when over indulging happens and a whole day of bad choices go by. I personally like to enjoy food, good and bad but moderation is key.

Today I started my day with a big superfood, shakeology and packed a healthy protein filled lunch to fill me up until dinner tonight which is a healthy pizza option. Still gotta have my pizza! J Finding healthy alternatives to your favorite foods helps me a lot. I still have regular pizza on occasion of course but I like to have pizza quite often so having . A plan is good to have for the day or week because this will prevent eating out, bad choices and binge eating which we are all guilty of. Not everyone has time to work out or even cook so prep and a plan helps the week go more smooth.
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