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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Squat Challenge

Sometimes you fall off the wagon and sometimes you fall WAY off. I don’t recognize myself lately and it’s not a good feeling. I needed to do something about it and waiting for “the new year” wasn’t going to work for me.

Trust me when I say that my last post “Feel Good Food” is a real thing and I need to keep reminding myself of that. What you put into your body really does change you in one way or another.

Yesterday I started a one week challenge with five other ladies doing squats. You have to start somewhere and this is where I am starting to get back on track. It helps to have other motivating you too. Additional to that I am really concentrating on water intake this week in order to get rid of bloat, to feel more awake and energized and to keep me full so I don’t over eat. I kept it pretty light yesterday with food for the first day and was really hungry at night so made some healthy quinoa porridge to fill me up. I also did some grocery shopping for the week to make better decisions.

Squat Challenge Day 1:
Ø  12:30am – 25 squats

Ø  6:30am – 25 squats

Ø  10:30am – 25 squats

Total: 75 squats

My goal for the 7 days is to complete 1,000 squats! It’s a good goal and doable if I push myself. I wasn’t feeling too great last night so I didn’t do any so that is why yesterday’s number is lower than I wanted. But today, I will do better.

Whose's with me?

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