Friday, March 29, 2013

Creamy Avocado Sauce

The recipe calls for:
1 box of whole wheat pasta
1 larger sized avocado
1/2 of a lemon, the juice only
3 tbs olive oil
4 garlic cloves
salt & pepper

-- Bring water to a boil and cook the pasta per the box.  Approximately 8 minutes.
-- In a food processor blend the olive oil, lemon juice and garlic cloves.  I used a chopper because that's all I have.
-- Add the avocado and some salt to the food processor.  Blend until smooth and creamy.
-- Pour on top of the pasta, mix well and top with some pepper.
-- Serve immediately.

Other options for this recipe can be to add 1/4 cup of fresh basil to the food processor.  I love basil, but wanted to leave it out this time because my fiance it's a fan.  Next time I will definitely add the basil and serve this sauce over some healthy spaghetti squash instead of pasta.

Avocado doesn't reheat well so it's best to eat it fresh the day of making the recipe.

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