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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Healthy Hump Day

I really need to go food shopping and I have been running around a lot lately with little time to prep my daily food intake. Even with the hectic schedule I am managing to do my best with eating! Within the last two months I have lost 10+ pounds. I am happy and proud! I can feel a difference inside and out, seeing a difference is a huge plus too! The motivation I have is priceless and my temptations are so different now than they used to be. I tend to crave healthier foods now.

What I Consumed Today:

Breakfast:  Coffee & a piece of Pumpkin Bread...not the best option, but pumpkin is healthy for you.  Also, Bethenny Frankel is a huge inspiration and lives a healthy lifestyle while also not depriving herself.  Just don't go overboard and it works!

Lunch:  A half of a Veggie Whole Wheat Wrap. Didn't remember to bring something from home so grabbed the healthiest option off the tray at work, food leftover from a meeting.

Exercise:  1 hour of Cardio Mix, including weight lifting and many other exercise tools.

Dinner:  A large Salad with a Morning Star "Chicken" (Tofu) Pattie cut up and mixed in.

Snack:  To Be Determined...but a great snack option is an Apple with some Natural Peanut Butter.

Tomorrow's Goal:  Add more protein to my day and an afternoon snack!  I was super busy at work today which made that hard.

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