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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brand New Year

I have definitely been neglecting posting on here, sorry for that.  I have had a lot going on, but what better time to get back to updating you all on healthy recipes and healthy lifestyle tips than in a new year.  Everyone should do their best to make good choices all year though.  If you make resolutions try to stick to them, it will make you feel good about yourself.  Don't give up.  I personally don't really make resolutions exactly, but I have told myself I want to better me this year.  Each day to do my best to be the happiest and healthiest. Healthy isn't always what you eat, it's more than food.  It's more than just exercise.  It's how you see life and how you live it.  Less stress and worry is my main goal.  Life will happen no matter how much you worry so why not just live life and be content with what you have and who you have in your life.

Around the holidays my dad ended up in the hospital.  He has had heart attacks in the past and since has done a lot of good for his body, but in the past year or so didn't work as hard at it.  He didn't have another heart attack, but he needed open heart surgery, triple bypass.  My family history and the want to live a long life is what makes me want to be as healthy as possible.  It's not something that is easy for a lot of people, it's work and commitment.  One thing I do know though is once you become healthy and get into a routine you crave healthier things and it becomes a lot easier.  It's a lifestyle you need to make for yourself.  I'm not saying you can't indulge and enjoy amazing food because you can and I sure do, but it's doing that in moderation and making little substitutes in your every day to better what you are putting into your body.

Recipes and more posts to come, but today...

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  1. It is going to be a better year this year because we are all focusing on healthier eating. Keep the posts coming to continue to encourage me and others to be motivated to become healthier!