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Friday, January 31, 2014

Prepping for Spring

Spring is less than two months away.  March 20th can't come soon enough.  I usually love winter, but I think I speak for everyone when I say it was just too cold this year.  I am ready to be able to be outside, take the dog to the park, go on walks, sit out on the balcony, go to the farm and there's nothing like a cold drink on a warm or hot day.  I know I am more active and healthy in the warmer months too because there's more to do, more day light and just more motivation to move.  Not to mention the smaller clothes so usually people watch what they eat more.  There's a lot I want to do before spring comes around though.

Here is my list of spring cleaning for myself and my home:

-- Donate, donate, donate!  Get rid of clothes and anything else in the house or garage that I don't need anymore, that don't fit and never will again or that I haven't worn in many years.
-- Pack away some things I still want but just don't have room for where we live now or just don't use never often right now.
-- Organize the garage so things are easily accessible so instead of going out to buy the item again I can just grab it.  I have a problem with buying too many kitchen towels based on the season or holiday.  They are all packed away but every year I seem to buy more.
-- Fully clean the entire house, from head to toe, using all cleaning supplies and not doing it half ass.
-- Reorganize my dresser drawers and closet.
-- Try to keep the house this way or at least keep up with it from time to time instead of just letting it become a crazy disorganized mess.
-- And something for me, just to make me happy, buy a basil plant for the kitchen window and a nice spring wreath for the front door. :)

All these things are mainly for my home but they will all make me feel good and refreshed to start off the new season on the right foot.  It's not a small list either which is why it's good to start early.  Make your own list and let the spring cleaning begin!

But for today I leave you with this list of things to do...

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