Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mexican Chicken Salad or Burrito

The recipe calls for:
ground chicken meat
avocado, chopped
black beans, rinsed & drained
shredded lettuce
fat-free greek yogurt
taco sauce
taco seasoning

shredded cheese
burrito wrap (whole-wheat is best)

-- Cook the ground chicken meat in a pan.  Mix in the seasoning packet and a little water.  Add the beans to the pan to warm them up.
-- Put chicken and bean mixture on top of shredded lettuce. Add chopped up avocado, a little fat-free greek yogurt and some taco sauce.
-- Mix it all up and enjoy your mexican chicken salad!
-- The other less healthy option is to put all those ingredients into a burrito wrap. If you choose this option use a whole-wheat wrap.

The meat mixture makes for great leftovers, I am eating it as we speak for lunch.

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