Wednesday, October 12, 2016

PB&J Sushi

I am a huge sushi lover, but this isn't something I am afford very often because it is a bit pricey.  I love the whole experience of sushi - eating with chop sticks, trying different kinds of rolls, exploring different places and savoring each bite.

Well peanut butter and jelly sushi isn't the perfect substitute but it's still delicious and it's a fun spin on the normal sandwich. This is a creative way to switch up your lunch box as well as your kids.

When I used the chop sticks eating this yesterday for lunch I tended to eat slower than when I have a sandwich. That's a plus because it's not good to eat your meals quickly and in a rush. Doing so doesn't give your stomach enough time to get full and this can cause over eating.

Hmmmm...what else can I turn into sushi? ;-)

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