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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Well, day 2 of the group I have completed what I needed. I feel even more motivated now. Yesterday's workout was AWESOME. Country Heat is better than I thought it would be and a true workout. I sweat just as much as I do with any other workouts. I felt like I really accomplished something and felt good about that and myself. Parker joined in a little here and there, he loved the music and had to put his cowboy boots on for it. Too cute!
This program I prefer over Cize which is surprising to me because my dream for many years growing up was to be a hip hop dancer so you would think Cize would be my absolute favorite. Cize is very fun, but it's 15 minutes longer than Country Heat and that 15 minutes is a long time with you have a toddler hanging on your leg or wanting something or bored or thirsty, etc. Cize also repeats a lot throughout the workout. When a new move is introduced, you practice it and then you have to start the routine over and put it all together and this continues to the end with the last move. Country Heat has about 20 or so different moves just like Cize but once you do one or two, you move onto other moves and don't have to repeat the previous ones. I am new to country music, my son likes it. Usually I would say I would prefer hip hop, but that has now changed. Country music really is so fun! The music really kept me interested and excited. Country Heat is something I could see myself doing daily so it was well worth the purchase. Can't wait to do a different routine after work!
After a CRAZY day at work, a hardcore workout, making a healthy dinner for the family, prepping my sons lunch for the next day, hanging a stuffed animal hammock and other stuff around the house...

Simple, quick and delicious!
apple slices
vanilla almond butter
mini chocolate chips
So good! This or something similar to it will become one of my new favorite snacks.

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