Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tears Are Only The Half Of It

Since I started learning how to cook I have yet to chop up onions until today. I have cooked with onions a few times before, but always had someone else handling that part for me. I thought the onion smell would linger on my fingers for the whole day like garlic does, but it didn't so that was a plus. There was also a negative to my experience. I always heard that while chopping up an onion your eyes would tear up and you'd cry a little. I never cared about that. The part I was not expecting was the burning sensation in my eyes. It was horrible. So I researched an eye protector for this very problem. I found the same pair on multiple sites. Bed Bath & Beyond is one of them.


Check them out here! There is also a pink pair for the ladies. They aren't the most stylish thing in the world, but I am sure they do the job. I need them!

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  1. Never saw these, but sure sound like a good idea!!