Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend of Food & Art

I had a very nice day in the city on Friday except for the freezing cold weather. This is insane. Where the hell is Spring? Before the city we decided to randomly stop at Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken. First time I have been there. The line wasn't too long & the prices were like any regular bakery which was really nice. We purchased some cupcakes(vanilla/resse's/red velvet), cannoli's & a cookie. The cannoli's were so good. I love all cannoli's, but these were extra delicious. Fresh & tasty. "Love at first bite" is right! Two of the people from the show we ended up seeing in the bakery, not Buddy though.

After that delicious cannoli we headed into the city. The MoMa was beautiful all around. I definitely plan on going again. We got there a little later than planned so seeing every room of art was impossible, but we saw most. Here is just SOME of the pieces I loved... (CLICK PHOTOS TO VIEW BIGGER)


And two of my favorite photograph's...

I got inspired to cook & draw after my long day out. My Saturday included buying some charcoal pencils at Michael's & making some yummy pot pies for the family. I don't think I've used these pencils before. They are a little hard to work with, but I like them & will learn as I go. I started off with something basic & I plan to draw something more detailed next time.

I stuffed them with peas, corn, onions,
potato soup, mushrooms & chicken.

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  1. Those pies look even better in the pictures! They were delicious and your first drawing is great!!!