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Monday, March 7, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Shop

I noticed a big sign that said "Yogurt" on Rt 22 in Green Brook yesterday and checked online when I got home what it was. I always wanted a frozen yogurt place around here like I always hear about celebrities going to in the Los Angeles area and in NYC. Well we have one now! It's called Green Cow Yogurt and it just re-opened for the season over the weekend. There is also one coming soon to East Brunswick. If you check their site out here you can see that there is about 60 different flavors, some fruit toppings and multiple dry toppings including some very different ones like captain crunch and fruity pebbles. They obviously don't always have all of the flavors or toppings, but the worker said it changes all the time. It isn't exactly spring yet, but I am sure once the hot weather arrives the flavors will change even more. Yesterday they only had peanut butter, chocolate, cake batter and vanilla. There are more machines that will open when the peak time comes for frozen yogurt/ice cream eaters. I tasted the cake batter, chocolate and peanut butter. They were all amazing! I couldn't even say which one was my favorite because they were all that good.

The nutritional information for all the frozen yogurt flavors are posted on their site. The calories vary on average from about 80-140 calories per serving. (1/2 cup) Some flavors are non-fat which is good, but even the flavors that aren't are not high in fat. It's all self serve so you can have as much or as little as you would like and as many flavors/toppings mixed that you can fit in your cup.

I suggest you all check it out...Enjoy!


  1. green cow is DELICIOUSSSSS :] all last summer that was my favorite jam.