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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cut Costs & Cut Calories, Coffee Style

In today's economy I think most people are trying to find more and more ways to cut every day expenses.  With doing this we still want to be able to enjoy things that we love though.  We can't give up everything or life wouldn't be as enjoyable.  For me my favorite cost is Starbucks coffee.  It's something that immediately brightens my day.  As much as I know I could do without and I do do without it when it just can't fit it into my budget on certain tight months/weeks, sometimes you just need to have it.

"Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed, but chocolate makes it worthwhile."

My usual drink is a Grande Non-Fat Mocha (only one pump, no whip), this is the basic mixture of espresso and chocolate, two of my favorite things.  The normal grande size has four pumps of mocha (all flavored espresso drinks have four pumps at a grande size), but to cut calories I only get one because it's just enough to taste the mocha without it being overbearing.  Sometimes too much chocolate is too much, believe it or not.  You can do without all the pumps in all of their drinks if your thinking about your waistline.

A way to cut calories and also cost is to make your own espresso drink, but still with the taste of Starbucks signature espresso.  If you have a espresso machine, like I do, just purchase Starbucks espresso beans, but even with having a maker I rarely actually make it myself.  It's just easier and for me faster to just stop in the Starbucks I pass daily.  But I more recently found something for the Keurig that you can put in your own espresso beans, grounded already.  It's called a reuseable filter, check your local Kitchen product stores.  This is much easier and faster then using an espresso machine.  So purchase your favorite espresso beans, whether it's Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or wherever and enjoy brewed espresso from your home!

Today I decided to save some cash and instead of ordering my normal hot drink at Starbucks I made a hot chocolate k-cup at home with my Keurig.  This is made with water obviously so the lack of milk will save quite a bit of calories.  This is my substitute for the chocolate flavor.  Then I made an espresso k-cup with my Keurig, mixed them together, added a little cinnammon and creamer.  It was my very own Mocha.  Granted it's not completely the same and I will still enjoy my normal drink from Starbucks when I can, but it's good to know of other options.

Grande Mocha - $4.33
2 K-Cups & Creamer - About $1.60

That is $2.73 of savings per day!

Also, at the coffee shops they have great smelling fresh baked goods that may be hard to pass up.  By not being around them you could possibly save on unneeded calories!  Make something or grab a healthy breakfast bar from home.


  1. Starbucks coffee is acidic and my doctor has asked me to refrain from acidic foods and drinks for some days. How unfortunate of me, I'm reading this blog and want to drink just a single cup of coffee.

    Finn Felton

  2. sorry! coffee is a weakness for me!