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I'm Jenn, with 2 n's. Mother of a little superhero, wife, coffee obsessed, lover of life, photography, music, healthy living, nature, food. I have a passion for all the beauty in this world & striving to be the best me possible. Here you will find recipe ideas, mom life posts, photos taken by me & anything else that crosses my crazy mind.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Healthy Sun-Day

Weekends make it tough sometimes to stay active and eat healthy especially for me, but since I have started to really make it a part of my lifestyle it's much easier.  I seem to have better control too.  I went grocery shopping last night and got a lot of healthy and clean eating items.  It's weird but I actually crave healthier foods now instead of the fattening foods filled with nothing good for your body.  At Wegman's last night I was surrounded by bagels, donuts and very sugary muffins, but I choose a multi-grain carrot and apple muffin.  Eating that and a cup of skim milk was a great way to start my Sunday.

I also bought some flatbreads at Wegman's which I have never seen before at Shoprite.  The brand is "Flatout".  They are only 90 calories, 5 grain flax, great source of fiber and 53% fewer net carbs.  They are small flatbreads that are a good shape so they can also be folded in half for sandwiches or panini making.  I highly recommend them.

After relaxing at home for a bit I decided to venture out, get some coffee and drive around looking at new hiking places.  I ended up stopping at the local farm to pick up a tomato so I could use it for my lunch.  Local produce is fresher, less likely to be contaminated, tastes better and helps support your local farmers.  Having farms close by is a huge plus, not only because of the fresh food, but also it's a great atmosphere.  I got to get some sun and see some animals that brightened my day...

The duck and roaster were both very vocal and cute.  The roaster was actually waking everybody up in this picture haha.  I also saw lots of goats, bunnies and an adorable pig.

The tomato I got at the farm was perfect for my flatbread pizza I made for lunch.  I put little bit of olive oil on the bread, added slices of fresh tomato instead of tomato sauce and then sprinkled some dried basil and part skim mozzarella cheese.  Delic!  Notice the shape I was talking about...

I headed to Shoprite after the farm because I forgot to get water last night.  I got a mini work out in by carrying the water to the car and up two flights of stairs.  Every little bit counts!  :) 

Have a happy healthy Sunday everyone!


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