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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Balance, Portions & Movement

It's near impossible to not treat yourself, go out to eat or have a piece of chocolate. Right?

It's all about balance. 

I used to have a cheat day. An entire day every week to eat whatever I wanted. That was my first mistake. It caused me to get off track, go overboard and in all honesty just feel like complete crap. I now let myself one cheat meal a week. Without this I know I would feel deprived and all of the above things would happen. Allowing myself one meal won't kill me, it won't ruin all my hard work the rest of the week or be terrible for me. The one meal could be a date night out, pizza night with my family or a day at a bbq. Even with having that one meal to cheat though doesn't mean I need to go crazy or even have to in order to enjoy what I am eating. So for example, last night was pizza night in my house. Instead of getting the typical pizzeria pizza we decided to get pizza to go at my husbands restaurant job. This pizza has less carbs because it's flat bread, they are smaller and I got the margarita pizza so less cheese/oil. I could've easily eaten the whole pie, like I said it wasn't very big. My husband finished his. Instead though I got a big side salad to fill me up. Got my vegetable portion in and ate less pizza. Win win! There isn't anything wrong with getting pizzeria pizza from time to time though. It's a must in most people's lives. It's delicious afterall. With that though I would again accompany it with a big salad and eat one slice but cut it into two so it feels like I'm eating more.

This is called balance. 

Now portions, the amount of pizza I ate was a good portion. Making a cheat meal a whole pie or having pizza and a bowl of ice cream isn't just one meal. Pick what you really crave that day, one or the other. 

Another thing that is great for your body is smaller portions spread throughout the day. It speeds your metabolism up, keeps you full so your body doesn't starve and you cave and eat poorly. Eating throughout the day helps me also stay hydrated too and get my daily water amount in each day. This also helps me stay full longer.

The second mistake I used to make was skip breakfast and have just coffee. Not good. One, skipping breakfast is a big no no and two coffee will just dehydrate me so that solely as my breakfast isn't helping my body. I now have breakfast every single day. A good portion size breakfast, nothing crazy big, but something to get my metabolism going. Portions is important. And with smaller portions I get to eat more through out the day which makes me happy because I love food. Too big of portions of bad food puts you in a food coma. If you feel like your always in a food coma you're probably eating too much and too much of the wrong foods. I love quinoa, whole grains, etc. They fill me up and also fuels me for the day instead of being in a food coma. 

Pick good foods, with better portions. Doing this will change how you feel. Trust me. 

Lastly with no explanation needed just move MORE. Get off the couch and do more. Whether it be a short workout, a walk or running after your kids. Don't just sit on the side lines. You will miss out on having the body and life you want. I finally took control of my body after having my son and it's been great.

Good vibes,


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