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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I am slowly realizing, it’s not all about the number on the scale.  I have always had that number define my entire day.  I am still one of those people who get on the scale every single morning and if I forget I get upset.  I am fully aware that the scale fluctuates, that not drinking enough water one day could affect it in a negative way or that you may just need to go to the bathroom.  But for some reason it has always made me either very happy or very sad.  Every.  Single.  Day.  For as long as I can remember that is what I did every morning.  Something I want to work on along with everything else I am working on is only getting on the scale once a week.  This will be a personal challenge of mine.  Doing something for years on end isn’t something easy to stop.  It’s a habit.  A bad habit though and one I will learn to break.

I have lost 11 pounds.  I want to lose more, gain more muscle and I have a ways to go but I won’t let that put down all I have done.  My mind, body and soul have truly changed and I know that means something.  That loss was SOMETHING.  I earned it.  I worked for it.  I am going to feel good about that instead of only concentrating on all the weight I have left to lose.
The number on the scale doesn’t change how I feel.  I need to tell myself that and keep on trucking along with my journey.  It’s been a great one.

This goes for sizes of clothes too.  If a shirt or pair of pants fit great on me, looked good, but were a certain size I couldn’t even purchase it.  My mother knows more than anybody that clothes shopping with me has never been fun.  I have always been insecure of my body even when there was no reason to be.  I don’t feel as insecure now than I used to.  That’s crazy to think about because now is when I weigh the most.  But again, that just shows that numbers don’t mean a thing.  It’s all about how you feel and loving yourself, however that may be. 

Now as a 30 year old woman I am realizing, “Why should I be insecure?” this is YOU.  Be proud of you.  You had a baby, you gained weight, you have stretch marks…who cares!  Just work on changing what you don’t like and be happy.  So that’s where I am at.  Being happy…

Whether it’s something as small as a number to negative people in your life, it’s all unnecessary.  Remove it!  It will be liberating.  Trust me.

Good vibes,


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