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Monday, February 1, 2016


Monday is here, attack it instead of dreading it. Start the week/month off on a good note, with a good sweat sesh. I promise you it will be worth it! I had a friend message me yesterday saying "I admire your determination for getting fit." That motivated me even more to keep going. 

cardio workout ✅
shakeology ✅

I used to always get so bummed Sunday afternoon like most people because the work week was coming yet again BUT we don't JUST live for the weekends. We have to make every day matter. For me, I start to look forward to being an organized mom. It may seem small to some but it's something I've dreamed about forever. Getting the menu set for the week, prepping cute lunches for my son and clothes that go with the theme or color at school that week. I also try to make each work day extra special in some way. Whether it be my guilty pleasure of Bachelor Monday, playing with new blocks Santa brought that we haven't opened yet or a new craft with my son. I want the time I am home with my family during the week to count. I don't want to just sit around waiting for the weekend again. It's good to look forward to stuff but don't lose site on the now. 

Yesterday was rest day workout wise. My son and I went on an adventure outside. We played in the snow, sled down hills, went for a mini hike exploring our woods backyard while listening to the birds sing and we sang back to them. It was a beautiful day. We weren't out there long but I did get a tiny workout in pulling him around in the sled. Memories like that though make my week bearable. 

Now I'm going to blast some Taylor Swift because that's what this basic bitch likes and have a good day. I hope you do too. ✌🏻️

Good vibes,


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