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Friday, February 12, 2016

Start Each Day With Gratitude

5 things to think about each morning...

1.) Smile, because you're alive and living is what you are meant to do.

2.) Begin your routine. Routines aren't boring, they keep you organized and sane. Follow your morning routine daily. It will make all the difference in your week. It will make you feel productive, keep you on time and keep stress away. Everyone's routine is different but everyone needs that structure if you have a busy life or family. One thing I am trying to add to my routine is emptying the dish washer. It's helpful to have that done already when I get home from a long day. Have a night time routine too that you follow daily. Pick up the toys in the living room, prep lunches, pick out clothes for the next day, etc.  

3.) Keep the tv off. Tv is simply a distraction, unnecessary and will get you out of your routine in the morning. Instead turn on some tunes to get you moving! If you don't want to wake the kids, just enjoy the silence. Collect your thoughts. 

4.) Again, get moving! If your time is limited then dance to those tunes or better yet wake up a little earlier so exercise can happen. You may not think it but exercise gives you more energy. During that chug some water. It will awaken you! 

5.) Enjoy something every morning before starting your busy work day or hectic mom life at home. It could be a cup of coffee with an adult coloring book, putting smiles on your kids face by making a yummy breakfast for them or  listen to an old cd while reminiscing in traffic. Not everyone has a lot of time before heading out for the day so this enjoyment for YOU could also be done on your lunch break or during nap time.

Another week at work, for most of us, completed now it's time to enjoy the weekend. I was off the past two days with my sick son so needless to say I am exhausted. Looking forward to the next two days!

Good vibes,

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